Christian Resources

Here are the speakers, music and other resources I use 

(Everything is in Alphabetical order)


The Walk by Richard Paul Evans

The Power to be Free by Frank Moore

Managing Your Emotions by Joyce Meyer

The Story (NIV) by Max LucadoRandy Frazee

The Reese Chronological Bible by Edward Reese,‎ Frank R. Klassen

Revelation Made Easy by Michael Sedgwick

Devotions and Journals:

Well-Watered Women – Love this company Gretchen Saffles the founder has amazing IG stories of encouragement and the Give me Jesus Journal and devotions has honestly gotten me to a closer relationship with God. Can’t stop bragging about these amazing ladies.


Hosanna Poetry – She is incredible

*The Journey Women Podcast – This is such a blessing. They touch on all topics of life.

Michael Jr. – A comedian who hits home every time.

Moody Radio – They have some great speakers.

Voddie Baucham – Practical. He’s on YouTube.

Graham Cooke – I love his soaking session.

*Dr. Tony Evans – He tells it like it is.

*James Ford Jr. – I like the way he speaks.

*Pastor Greg Laurie – Funny and Informative.

Esther Lully – She’s my mentor y’all! Attending her bible study has brought my faith to another level. 

*Joyce Meyer – She literally answers all the questions I have; on her show Everyday Life.

Jewell Washington – She told me that numbers have nothing to do with my worth; she also does Instagram lives speaking on the maker life.

*Patrice Washington – She is a great speaker and honestly my lifestyle has changed for the better because of her.

Please go listen to her podcast Redefining Wealth. You won’t be sorry,

*I listen to these speakers on their podcast or on Moody Radio.

Songs Resources:

K-Love Radio – I fell in love with this when I was searching for Christian songs on the radio

Praise and Worship – I listen to Spotify

Rap/Hip Hop – I mostly Youtube these

Gospel – Both of the above

Pandora is more mainstream.

Spotify is a great way of discovering more music.

Youtube is great batching together the genre of songs and you get to pick what you want to listen to.

You can find the songs I listen to on my Music Page