Labels Labels Labels

When first start knitting I never knew what to do with my yarn labels. I’d end up just throw them away. In a sense I thought of them like water bottle labels; it was only their to tell me the brand and that’s it. But boy was I wrong. I came to find out that yarn labels have all kinds of useful information on them. Like the weight of the yarn, what size needles are recommended to be used with it, yardage and what material the yarn was made out of. Things that use to mean nothing to me become so important over time.

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Do I really need a business planner?

(Those of you who follow me on Instagram knew this blog post was coming.)

Do I really need a planner for my business? The answer for me was simply yes. Although I didn’t even know it at the time. I’m someone who likes to think ahead so that everything that needs to get done, gets done. I wasn’t always like this though….

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