Road Trip Chronicles #1

Moving is never easy. But I thought it would be for me since I have been waiting for this day for over 3 years. I couldn’t wait to go out on my next adventure…or so I thought.

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Light House Christian Camp

If you are thinking of getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the city or just want a quiet spot to unplug and become one with nature (and if you are close to upstate New York, USA.) Then the Light House Christian Camp is for you.

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Farmhouse Shawl

This is a behind the piece adventure that I had earlier this year with the Farmhouse Shawl by Cabinfour. I was making this while traveling through Asia. It was a fun and unique experience traveling to the other side of the world while knitting such a big project.

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Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket Pattern

I love love love this pattern. Such a mindless knitting project that’s prefect for on the go. I will use this for all my long plane flights and other places where I have to wait and pay attention to my surroundings. Can’t wait to take this project on my next trip. Links and adjustments below.

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Pattern Review: The Parker Beanie

Stack of Beanies via OMK

I’m doing a challenge this month called #30hatsin30days Where I’m crocheting all the baby hats for my local NICU.  This pattern paired with the sizing chart is making my life so much easier! I highly recommend this pattern. Ashleigh makes it so easy to follow along and you get to learn new techniques when you watch her YouTube video that’s included. She can make one hat within 20 minutes! It still takes me about an hour for one. Slow maker over here, lol. Links and pattern below.

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Bernat in a Wink Baby Blanket Pattern Review

This blanket was so fun to knit not to mention how quickly it worked up. I took 3 days to make it but it could easily be worked up in a day. It’s a great beginner pattern and I highly recommend it for stash busting as well. Read more for all the deets 🙂

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Seeking God

What does the term ‘Seeking God’ mean to you? What does it look like? Are you running around trying to “Godly” things? Is it going to church every week to find Him? Do you get frustrated and wonder, ‘Where is He?’ Look, God ain’t playing hide and seek with you. All you have to do is just slow down or stop whatever you’re doing and be aware that He is right here with you in this moment.

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Letter to an Unbeliever

Hi friends! One of our class assignments was to write a letter to an unbeliever. I felt as if I should just share it with you. Maybe there’s someone in your life or someone in passing that you’d like to share Christ with but don’t know how too. Maybe you are the one who need a little bit more information about what salvation really is. No matter what situation it is I hope this helps you and those around you. Not every part of this might pertain to your situation so feel free to edit it as to best fit your situation but I do ask that you do not take away any truth from it.

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