On my one day of sightseeing in Chicago, Illinois.
I go to see three iconic spots in the Windy City.

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Letter to an Unbeliever

Hi friends! One of our class assignments was to write a Letter to an Unbeliever. I felt as if I should just share it with you. Maybe there’s someone in your life or someone in passing that you’d like to share Christ with but don’t know how to. Maybe you are the one who need a little bit more information about what salvation really is. No matter what situation it is, I hope this helps you and those around you.

Not every part of this might pertain to your situation so feel free to edit it as to best fit your situation but I do ask that you do not take away any truth from it.

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BTP: Sunny Spring Day Blanket

I originally purchased this yarn called banana because I wanted to make the Tin Can Flax Sweater for 6-13 months old. But after having it sit in my stash for more than a year and discovering my love for crochet baby blankets an idea formed. And that idea was to make a striped baby blanket! Read more for all the deets!

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Thank you God, for my Peace in 2017

I’m gonna start off this year with the theme from last year, Peace. Peace is what held me together last year. Peace is what kept me going. If it wasn’t for peace I wouldn’t have survived. Haha some of you maybe thinking, “That’s not how peace works.” It’s probably not how the peace of the world works but it is how God’s peace works. You don’t have to work for God’s peace or strive for it. It is something that is freely given, you just have to receive it.

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