Seeking God

What does the term ‘Seeking God’ mean to you? What does it look like? Are you running around trying to “Godly” things? Is it going to church every week to find Him? Do you get frustrated and wonder, ‘Where is He?’ Look, God ain’t playing hide and seek with you. All you have to do is just slow down or stop whatever you’re doing and be aware that He is right here with you in this moment.

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“The Lord is my companion, my teacher, and friend.
Therefore, I will not be in want or have any lack because I cannot fail.” Psalms 23

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Hiking Take Two

Today, I went hiking. Why? Because I was curious. I hear a lot about hiking here in Southern California. Especially, because there are so many mountains! (I’m from Florida where it is all flat land.) Here’s how the whole thing went down 🙂

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