Plane Essentials

11 things to make your plane ride a breeze.

Digital Plane Tickets


Skip the ticket line by checking into your flight a couple days ahead of time. Trust me you won’t regret it.

Travel Wallet

To hold your Wallet and passport all in the same place. They are the ultimate trip essentials!

Pain Relievers

Traveling for long periods of time can take a toll. Especially if you are sitting for a long time you can get motion sickness or just a really bad headache. Bring medicines to help with that. I like to use the Cilantro Essential Oil as an alternative. 

Neck Pillow

I never take a flight that’s over 3 hours without a neck pillow. It helps me stay comfortable no matter what position I am in. 

Sleep Oil

If a neck pillow isn’t enough, try an essential blend sleep oil. This always quiets my thoughts and helps me stay calm and go to sleep during the flight.

Empty Water Bottle 

Stay hydrated and save money by bringing a refillable water bottle. If you don’t want to lug it around you can get a collapsible one

Healthy Snacks

Make sure to bring a good mix of healthy foods like baby carrots, apples, nuts, and crackers. Also look for foods like yogurt, fruits, dark chocolate, and almonds. And avoid the messy snacks that could spill during turbulence. 

Comfy Clothes and Layers

Wear clothes that you find comfy and that will ability to rest comfortably. The plane and airport will be freezing. So if you are one who gets cold easily, bring layers. Like a Sweater and Leggings. Hoodies are also very useful because you can use them as a pillow or as a mini blanket. I also found this amazing travel towel that can double as a blanket it’s perfect for those long flights when you are traveling carry on only.

Lip Balm

Inside of the plane cabin can get very dry. Bring lip balm to help alleviate that! 

Wireless Earbuds 

It’s very important to stay hands free while constantly needing to move and adjust yourself while traveling. So bring headphones or earbuds so you can jam out to your favorite music, watch a movie, or take a phone call. I like these because they fit perfectly in my small ears and the case is very compact compared to other brands.

Wired Ear buds


I know I said I carry the wirelesses with me but on longer flights, 3+ hours, the plane will have movies available for you to watch on a screen in front of you. If you are very particular about your earbuds or have uniquely shaped ears than you might want to bring your own. Otherwise you won’t be able to watch the movies. Make sure they are wired ones with a universal head jack.

Something to Pass the Time

I love my Kindle! I use to upload an armful of books and it all fits in the palm of my hand. Reading makes the time fly by. These are the ones I’m going to be reading this year. I also always bring my craft bag which holds my current knitting project. Once I knitted a shawl while traveling in Asia. Never a dull moment.

Closing thoughts

These are all my must haves when I take a flight. I think the most important thing on here for me is a neck pillow, layers, and headphones. Anything to help me relax really. What are your must haves on a plane?

Check out my Ultimate Packing Guide to see what I always packing.
Visit the TSA Website to find out what you can and can’t bring on an airplane.

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