Everyday Carry

These are the daily essentials I carry around with me as a minimalist.

First let’s start with my…


I use a tote bag usually and I needed something to hold all my small items for easy access. I got this from Joli Cartel. The size is prefect to hold all my small items. It’s the only thing I need to grab with heading out or switching purses. It also has a flat bottom so it has lots of room and it stands up on it’s own.

Slim Wallet

I downsized to this wallet when I realized that my wallet accumulates too much junk, receipts, member cards, business cards, etc. I now use that wallet for traveling to hold this slim wallet as well as my passport.

Lip Balm

Here in the desert and the air is always so dry. I find that this brand keeps my lips moisturized the best. I bought a pack of two and found that I have been very mindful of where I’ve put them. I am determined to finish both before having to buy more. This mindset has made me value them more.

On Guard

This is hand sanitizer made out of essential oils. I purchased it from someone about two years ago and it has lasted that long. I’m almost out but I’m sure I can purchase some more before I’m completely drained. You can also DIY.

Reusable Straw

I purchased this while on a trip at Cocoa Beach with a friend as a way to remember the trip and reduce our plastic waste. 


I always find myself needing something to write with, whenever I go out. 

Phone Cord + Power Bank

I always bring this with me just in case and it’s saved me multiple times. I keep it charged and ready to go at all times.

(I linked to an Anker but this is not an Anker. It’s one I got years ago at walmart for around $5. It does the job for day to day but I would recommend buying an Anker for longer trips.)

Wireless Earbuds

When I need to take a phone call hands free or have a personal jam out session I use these wireless earbuds. I like these because they fit perfectly in my small ears and the case is very compact compared to other brands.

Hair Ties

I crocheted this when I went to Malibu earlier this year and I have been using it daily ever since. It’s great for me since I have such thick hair.


These are the mints I get from Trader Joes. I don’t like chewing gum so this is a game changer for me. I love drinking tea after a meal and if I don’t have tea these mints are the next best thing. I reuse the tin when I’m done with it but I am looking for an alternative option with a more eco friendly package. It takes me about a year to go through one of these so I have a bit of time.

Now all that goes inside my bag:

Glasses Case

Because sometimes I want to take off my glasses and put them in a safe place where I can find them later.

Water Bottle

This water bottle comes with time stamps! Right now I’m currently half an hour behind on my water intake. I love it because it keeps me accountable and helps me track my H2O and it has a lock on the lid so I don’t have to worry about it popping open when I put it in my bag. I always try to finish the water that is left before I go to bed (as part of my bedtime routine) and I fill it back up in the morning.

Container + Snack

This container has become really important especially as I transition into a Zero Waste Lifestyle. It’s just something I already had in the kitchen and it usually has carrots, grapes, or crackers in it. I also normally have a protein bar or an apple in my bag just in case I get hungry while I’m out and about.


I love love love my kindle. Whenever I finish a book I just start reading the next one. There’s no extra weight plus all the books are free because you can get book loans from your local library. It’s a win-win-win!

Craft Project

There is usually some form of yarn in my bag if the bag I’m using is big enough to accommodate. I usually tote around massive projects with me like the Farmhouse Shawl I made while traveling around Asia or the Provision Shawl I design while taking the bus around East Los Angeles. I finished my Grace Sock while on a day trip to San Diego. I’m currently working on a blanket. I also carry around a small bag for all my crafting essentials as well.

Collapsible Reusable Bag

I got this back in 2018 during the Our Maker Life Meet up. I love it because you can loop it through the handles of whatever bag you have with you so that it’s always accessible. I took it with me during my camping trip earlier this year. 

Canvas Bag

I got this bag back in October of 2018 when I went to a conference hosted by Karia Garcia and Hosanna Wong. It’s very sturdy and durable. I’ve put it in the wash a few times and it’s held up perfectly. I’ll probably try to hand wash it from now on since it is autographed and I don’t want the signatures to fade. 


I don’t keep this in my bag but I wear a watch everyday. I have been using this iTech watch to track my steps. It’s no fit bit but it syncs with my phone and it tells me the time. I have a full review of it in up. Go have a read. 


At the moment I usually have a mask in my bag and another in my car just in case I switch bags.

Well there you have it.

This is everything that’s in my bag on the daily. Of course I am likely to stick various things in my bag throughout the week but every Sunday as part of my Sunday routine I clean it out and repack it for the week.

If you are interested in how I pair this bag with my outfits take a look at my Summer Capsule Wardrobe. It will also give you an idea of what a capsule wardrobe is. My Autumn Capsule Wardrobe will be out in the months to come. Watch this category while you wait.

PS (I have also have a San Diego Guide coming soon. Watch this category or join the journey to read all about it.)

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– Olguine Brutus

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