Affirmations of truth.

These are things that have been whispered to me
in different times and different seasons.


2020 – Beautiful Words Genesis 49:21

I have all the provisions I need to live the life that God has called me to.

2020 – Calling

There are no closed doors or missed opportunities when you are walking in your purpose.

2020 – Don’t Settle

But there were blessings in the cave.


It’s okay to live life and enjoy it even though everything seems so uncertain.

2020 – John 10:10

Who am I called love?

I am called to love everyone in my territory.
I bring the Kingdom of God everywhere I go. 

2020 – Faith

You have all of heaven backing you. 

2020 – Erika Webb

Don’t work for rest.
Work from rest.

2020 – Selah

The posture of humility.
Being the light of the world is an essential job.
The Gospel doesn’t stop just because the world does.

2020 – Jona Toledo

God is a brand name God.
He doesn’t give you any second hand or discounts items.
Everything you ask for is new.

“Only the best for my children.”

2020 – Isaiah 43:18-19

Is peace covering all your, What if’s?

2020 – Jen Toledo + (I Choose Peace)

My joy comes from the, Lord
I have the peace that transcends
I start from victory and end with victory
I delight in all situations

2019 – 1 John 5

Teach me to be present in your presences

2019 – In Your Presences

Though fear be alive it does not live in this place. 

2019 – Mark Tietsort

All we want, is all you are.


Teach me to live in your love

2019 – Live in Love

I Am
I am Loved
I am Healed
I am Kind

2019 – I Am Kind

Because of who He is, I am.

2019 – I Am

Perfect love has the last word.

2019 – 1 John 4:19

God is digging deeper to build higher. 

2019 – Mark Tietsort

“You may be going upstream but it’s okay because I made you a staircase out of solid rock.”

2019 – From High Heavens to Deep Waters

Let it start with me
The influence of darkness has no influence because the blood covers all. 

2019 – Bold Series

That job wasn’t your source.
That job was your resource.
God is your source.


“What you thought was good was only a setup for something better.”

2018 – Garret Serban

But I know that God is good.


“God is just that good.”

2018 – Daniel Amstutz

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– Olguine Brutus

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