Small Business Tips

These are some of the sites, blog, and podcasts that I found really helpful as a maker, business owner, and person:

Northknits – She told me that numbers have nothing to do with my worth; she also does Instagram lives speaking on the maker life.

Ourmakerlife – A fun community of makers. They blog and host events. You could also get feature on either their blog or Instagram. They have a meet up every year.

Tlyarncrafts – Toni has gave me a lot of helpful tips which cause me to create this website you are currently viewing.

Knitatude – Helped a lot with my Etsy shop and maker life; including pattern writing.

Redefining Wealth Podcast – Love, love, love this podcast. It perfectly talks about life and business.

Maker Strong – “This group is all about making connections with your fellow bossbabes, asking questions, giving and receiving feedback and advice, and providing a safe space to find the support you need to grow your business!” Chantal

Taraswiger’s Podcast – I love listening to her podcast they are so informative as a business owner.

Noshitbiztip’s Blog – Great tips there’s also quite a bit of swearing, lol. 

Merriweather Council Podcast – Great business advice.

Gregledet – A site that helps you calculate Etsy Fees

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– Olguine Brutus

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