Small Business Tips

These are some of the sites, blog, and podcasts that I found really helpful as a maker, business owner, and person:

Northknits – She told me that numbers have nothing to do with my worth; she also does Instagram lives speaking on the maker life.

Ourmakerlife – A fun community of makers. They blog and host events. You could also get feature on either their blog or Instagram. They have a meet up every year.

Tlyarncrafts – Toni has gave me a lot of helpful tips which cause me to create this website you are currently viewing.

Knitatude – Helped a lot with my Etsy shop and maker life; including pattern writing.

Redefining Wealth Podcast – Love, love, love this podcast. It perfectly talks about life and business.

Maker Strong – “This group is all about making connections with your fellow bossbabes, asking questions, giving and receiving feedback and advice, and providing a safe space to find the support you need to grow your business!” Chantal

Taraswiger’s Podcast – I love listening to her podcast they are so informative as a business owner.

Noshitbiztip’s Blog – Great tips if you can get past all the cursing, lol. 

Merriweather Council Podcast – Great business advice.

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I hoped you learned something new, felt inspired, or just enjoyed reading my story. Design posts come out regularly. If you would like to know about my next post please subscribe below. Until next time!
– Olguine Brutus

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