Every season of life has a playlist. Well at least for me it does. Right now I’m Really leaning into being aware of the presences of God. To be Kingdom minded wherever I go. Therefore I find myself singing these songs a lot.

Songs that I have on repeat atm:

(Everything is in alphabetical order)

Jesus Culture – Defender (Live)
Highs & Lows (Official Music Video) | Hillsong Young and Free
Most Beautiful / So In Love – Maverick City Music feature Chandler Moore
One Moment – Highlands Worship
Oxygen (LIVE) – Steffany Gretzinger | BLACKOUT
Real Thing (feat. Dante Bowe from Bethel Music) – Maverick City Music | TRIBL Music
Touch Of Heaven – Hillsong Worship

Last Updated: 04/07/2020

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Just a girl and her yarn, going with God.

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