BTP: Mini Tote

This has been in the works since forever (when I say ‘in the works’ I mean in my head.) It was only recently, that I was inspired to actually start on it. The funny thing is that I only started it to procrastinate on another project. It had to do with sewing up seams (five parts to be exacted), enough said. 

The Mini Tote was sort of a frustrating project because I had never done a huge amount of increases in crochet before so there was a LOT of counting and recounting. Oh and frogging, lots of that too, especially when I got the count wrong. But I was determined to finish because if I didn’t than I’d have to face the seaming project that I had been avoiding, lol. So I keeping crocheting away.

When I got to two inches from finishing the bottom portion (which took me half the afternoon to get right) I realized that it wasn’t going to work, not that I knew for sure but I just had doubts in my mind. & thank goodness that I had brought two balls of the same yarn that I was using by accident so I didn’t have to rip it out to start over. I had grown attached to it like Kelly (@Knitbrooks) did with her forever project. So I restarted the bottom portion again while I was re-watching one of my favorite anime Yowamushi Pedal. (I usually never re-watch anime but this one was what got me into sports anime in the first place. It’s so good and I highly recommend it!)

When I worked on the Mini Tote in the mornings, I enjoyed reading rather than watching. I recently had gotten into murder mysteries from recommendations by Anja (@PeonyandThyme.) I started reading the ABC Murders by Agatha Christie. It’s so funny because I had frogged this bag so much that fibers for all over the screen of my kindle. Thankfully, by the time I got to chapter 18 of the ABC Murders I had finally settled on a pattern design. 

Funny thing is I got so into reading my book that I almost completely forgot about finishing the bag & I gotten to the final chapter only to realized that I wasn’t even through the second color of my bag. I became resolve to finish this bag before the book. So I race with myself and won (because how can I lose?) I finished the ba…book. It was just that good! & I have no regrets. I finished the bag after starting another book also by Agatha Christie. At least I finished the bag before my deadline and that’s all that matters, right?

Thanks for reading!!


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