Blanket Basket

On top of my yarn organizer I have a basket full of leftover yarn. When I make things like hats gloves or socks I always seem to have more then a handful of yarn leftover. It’s not enough to make another item but it’s too much to make part of my scrap rug. So what to do with this yarn that is too much and too little?

Backstory! Well if you’ve read my previous blog post you’d know that I tend to put things in Ziploc bags. I would put them in bags and throw them in a basket and forget about it. Unfortunately, way too soon that basket got real full. So I decided to get a ball winder to make them more manageable and save room. That was the greatest decision I ever made! Have you ever caked (wind up) a ball of yarn. It feels like you’re unwinding all you’re bundled up stress and unwinding you’re mind. I loved it.

But with all the winding going on I winded up with a dresser full of yarn cakes. Yarn was slowly taking up my personal space. And even though they looked so pretty I knew something had to be done.

Short Story: It wasn’t until I was I was shopping around (for shipping supplies) that I came upon a cute red basket (I didn’t even know what I was going to use it for but it was only $1.) When I got home I saw my dresser full of cakes and starting putting them all in the basket. It was a perfect fit!

Now let’s get back to the main topic, what to do with all this leftover yarn? Easy, I decided to make Blankets. Crochet ones, knit ones, cables one. I also use them as pattern swatches when I’m working on something new. And they’re good for making key chains also. No more basket full of bags or dresser full of cakes. Just new items for my shop.

Tip: I use marking tags to keep track of the information. 

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