Scrap Yarn Rug

Ever wonder what you should do with leftover scraps of yarn?

So you may be thinking, “What is a scrap rug.” Well the answer is within the title itself. Basically a rug made out of scrap yarn. I make a lot of items and sometimes I don’t use all the yarn so I have a bit left over. I always hurts to throw out yarn but I couldn’t see myself using it in the future. I wasn’t one of those makers who could make a usable item with more then one color of yarn. A huge part of the reason why was because I hated weaving (sewing) in ends.

I just thought that there was no benefit of keeping the bits of yarn. Until I came upon a pin on Pinterest that explained on how to knit a log cabin pattern. The pattern was for a blanket (which I knew I would never use) but I had been in the market for a new rug so I decided to make a rug Instead. Since it was a bit tricky to knit so I held off on it for a long time. During that period I taught myself how to crochet (via youtube) and I was surprise how quickly crochet items worked up. Light bulb! I decide to crochet my rug instead of knitting it. It works out better for me because I won’t have to slip off the stitches onto holders all the time. And it will be easier for me to pick stitches. I plan work on this glorious rug in between projects. So keep an eye out for future post.

To wrap it all up:

  • Didn’t like throwing away yarn
  • Tile bedroom = cold floor
  • I always wanted a rug
  • Something for me to remember everything I’ve made
  • An achievement that I can look at all the time
  • A new challenge
  • Just learned to crochet
  • Been wanting to tried the Log cabin pattern
  • Keep adding to as the years go by
  • Just a fun thing to do

To keep this pattern you are going to work 7 rows per and increase 12 sts every two blocks.
I keep all my scraps in a glass jar that I got from the dollar store

I’ll try to keep progress pictures on here. (Also I think I might want it to be a blanket now. Like a picnic outdoors blanket.)
Last updated: 06/08/20

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– Olguine Brutus

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