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In the beginning God created all things.


We were designed to create.


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Travel Bucket List

Here are the places I want to visit/have visit over the course of my life. You can find links to places I have already been to as well as tips to go along. Enjoy 🙂

Heaven to Earth Thinking

How can we renew our minds and truly be seated in Heavenly Places with Christ Jesus? Easy, by starting off with the right mindset. When understanding who God is we can truly reflect his image. “You are what you behold.” Learn how to think and be more than in conquer, “We need to be praying from Heaven to Earth not the other way around.”

No Spend January

Car troubles, French Consin, and the Grand Canyon. Find out how I decided to not let all these things set me back but instead helped me partake in a fun challenge instead!

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